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NealB upset with product, not dealership

Posted on Apr 18, 2007 in Yahoo! Local

NealB upset with product, not dealership

I purchased a brand new g35 coupe in March of 2003. Let me tell you, this car has been nothing but a headache since I purchased it. First and foremost, the brake pads need to be replaced every 15000 miles (infiniti covers the first 36000 miles then expect to pay to replace the pads) and generate immense brake dust. In addition, the rotors also go bad after 36000 miles, and expect to pay for that as well. Secondly, if you opt for 19 inch rims and tires, expect to replace your tires every 12,000-15,000 miles (at a cost of $300 per tire). Thirdly, the driver door lock went bad under warranty, which the dealer replaced. 3 months later the passenger door lock went bad, the warranty expired on March 26, 2007 and the door lock went bad on April 12, 2007 and they refused to address it. So now I have to repair the lock at an expense of $440. Infiniti also recalled the car and replaced the fuel line. This is all after I have taken terrific care of this car. It has had an oil change every 3500 miles. All services and repairs have been done through Infiniti in a timely fashion, and this is how they repay their loyal customers. If you value your money and time, I highly recommend that you go to another brand of vehicle. Believe me, I will never buy another Infiniti again, and I would recommend that you avoid my mistakes.

Neal's Yahoo Review shows he is unhappy with product, not dealership

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