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‘just another consumer’ not happy with Service

Posted on Sep 10, 2009 in Service, Yahoo! Local

‘just another consumer’ not happy with Service

Not what I expected from Infiniti !!! I purchased 2 cars from this dealership and had always serviced my cars there until yesterday. I brought my car in for a simple oil change and ended up walking out of the dealership upset and P.O. I can’t believe the dishonesty and the sleazy method the service advisor named Tony H. tried to use on me to “convince” me to book more service than I had needed. He tried to book me for a $155 oil change and tire rotation and “a whole series of services that they could not possibly list on the work order”. The service advisor obviously didn’t know much about servicing cars and thought that an average consumer like me didn’t either. I walked out and will not service my cars there again. I definitely will not consider giving this dealership any more business. This dealership makes me feel like an idiot for buying 2 Infiniti’s.

just another consumer not a happy one in the this yahoo service review

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