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Happy Customer from Infiniti MV writes a review!

Posted on Dec 5, 2009 in Service, Yahoo! Local

Happy Customer from Infiniti MV writes a review!

Not sure what everyone is crying about!! I have had good service when I have had to take my car in. Loaners, and no pressure for other service. I tell them what to do and that is it. I love it. The car-well I have 130,000 miles on it. Brakes worn early but after Infiniti fixed them its normal wear. Now I abuse my car–I change oil every 10K miles-using Mobil 1. I have never touched the tranmision, nor radiator. Raditor cap has never been opened. I have no leaks anywhere not like several Toyota I have had. I did replace spark plugs at 110,000 miles–yes call me crazy. I have 80000 miles on Kumo tires on this machine. I love the seats also–sure beats the Honda Accord I had— it killed my back. I would buy a new Infiniti but I am just too cheap right now. That engine is the best 6 out there and it still hauls like crazy–with decent mileage. Don’t get fooled by too much maintenence on cars, cars these days are tough–good gas, oil and filters–and don’t let anyone touch that trans!!! Its the weak point of any car!!!


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