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Alfredo solves every problem – Richard J. reviews!

Posted on Jun 29, 2012 in Sales, Yelp

Alfredo solves every problem – Richard J. reviews!

In the world of used car dealers when everybody gets screwed it is more than refreshing to find honor and value.  I bought a car over the phone from Alfredo that I found on Auto Trader.  He was reluctant to take my word that I would buy the car as is if he delivered it 2 hours north to Valencia, CA.  But after we negotiated a fair price he kept his word to bring me the car.  I asked him how the air conditioning was working and he thought it was working fine.  I figured that if the car would drive 2 hours in good running condition the car was fine.  My wife road tested the car with him, I did not, as I am a diabetic with health issues and didn’t want to leave the house.  Later, however, when I did ride in the car I discovered that while idling the airconditioning did not work.

Living in the dessert, this is an issue.  Since I bought the car as is with no warranty I thought I was screwed when I took it to my local air conditioning guy and he wanted $1300 to fix it.  I called Alfredo for the sole purpose of telling him I was disappointed as he told me he thought the air conditioning was working.  He not only apoloigzed but he reassured me that he was a man of character and as such he would see if he could fix the situation.  I was suspect by the idea that I would now have to drive 2 hours down to have them tell me what I already knew what was wrong with the car and now have to pay the very dealer who sold me the car for the repair.  But he had told me over the phone that he would work with me so I took the chance.

I left the car there early that morning and went whale watching in Newport Beach.  I feared they would want to keep the car and I would be stuck 2 hours away from home looking for a ride.  I cannot tell you how pleased I was to hear that they not only got the car in the shop, they ordered the parts which turned out to be: the compressor, a very expensive component and a valve an equally expensive component.  When I arrived back after my day of whale watching I was more than surprised to find they had done the $1300 repair and it cost me no more than a pleasant smile.  They gleefully told me they wanted to do the right thing; and let me tell you my friends, they did.

I write this yelp because there are so few honest men left in businesses in America and we should celebrate them when we find them.  I will try to buy all my cars from them, regardless of the distance.  And I like buying cars.  Whether it’s a new car or used car, ask for Alfredo and you can trust all the folks at Infiniti of Mission Viejo. The entire staff was pleasant, attentive and seemingly, they actually cared.  They deserve your business and they have my trust.

Good job Infiniti of Mission Viejo and thank you!

Richard J

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