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Many of our favorite customers have signed up for Yelp in order to praise our employees and, although we appreciate the gesture, they end up coming back to us saying "hey, I wrote a review for you but it doesn't show up on Yelp - what gives?".

The short answer is that Yelp only wants to hear reviews from people who write a lot of Yelp reviews, have Yelp "friends", and are constantly engaged in the Yelp culture - they filter out the reviews where people sign up just to write a one-time review (and never log in again).

So if you're a Yelper, go ahead and sign in to your Yelp account! We're easy to find - just search for "Infiniti of Mission Viejo".

If you're not a Yelper but you still want to show your favorite employee some love, please choose another review site from the list.


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